Our Purpose

Englewood is not incorporated as a city or town; it spans Sarasota County AND Charlotte County. The EDC is forming to gather people across both counties to locally support environmental stewardship, accessible education and affordable healthcare, voting equity/good government policies and a sustainable economy.

We support Democratic party principles and work to educate and inspire like-minded individuals to make a difference.

Our monthly meetings foster fellowship and include speakers on important national, state and local topics.

Membership types

Democrats registered to vote in Sarasota or Charlotte Counties are eligible for voting membership.

Any Registered Voter may join as an Associate Member of the Englewood Democratic Club by paying annual dues.

  • Voting Member – Membership with voting privileges (Registered Democrat) $25/year
  • Family Membership – two Voting Memberships with voting privileges for two adults living at the same address (FL Voter Reg as Democrats) $45/year
  • Associate Member – non-voting Membership (anyone Registered to Vote ) $20/year

 Dues are payable January 1 for the calendar year