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Sarasota County Englewood Precincts 527, 543 and 545 UPDATE 7/22/20


We had two Virtual Town Halls- one in June on the School Board race with our Candidates David Graham and Tom Edwards and one in July on the Environment that introduced us to Alice White, our candidate for County Commissioner in Dist 5. Each of the Town Halls had local experts on the topics and gave excellent perspective on local implications of voting our Candidates into office.  Dark Money is playing too big a part in the School Board operation as well as the Environment.  We hope to have more Town Halls on various topics and races in September and October as we move into the November 3 election cycle.  


The Sarasota County Democratic Party’s focus since April has been to encourage Dems to sign up to Vote By Mail.  In May and June the Dems went from a 10k lead of voters registered for VBM to a 14K lead, but the R’s are now catching on…  so we need to keep our efforts going.

Here in Englewood, in June and July both phone bankers and N2N Leaders called Dems to encourage them to sign up for VBM.  It is working, in two months, the number of Dems registered to Vote By Mail has increased by about 14 % in Englewood!:

PHONE BANK – We still have calls to make in Englewood to Dems not signed up to Vote By Mail!  (127 calls to make for Round 2 in precinct 545 and in 527/543 we have 129 calls to make before August 8 (the deadline to request a VBM ballot for the Aug 18 election) so please contact Pam 206 579 5384 or Chris  763 227-1023 ASAP to get information on making a few calls. Its important and relatively easy to do.


From now until August 18, the School Board race is THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY FOR Democrats in Sarasota County.  We can win this School Board Election if we Get Out The Vote.   It will be a sad day for our children if Eric Robinson and Karen Rose are elected to the School Board.  We are lucky to have two excellent candidates to vote for: David Graham at and Tom Edwards at  Their positions and platforms are on their websites, check them out, vote for them, send them money and tell your friends about this important election!  

Are you an educator?  We’d like to ask for a Personal Endorsement of the candidates.  Educators please contact Pam Nolan if you are interested, click on this link for information on sending in your endorsement:

We are also planning a Car Caravan to get the School Board Candidates visibility in Englewood they on Aug 1, 2020 at 3:45 pm to have a presence at the Car Show on Dearborn:

We’d like to ask you to put up Yard Signs, especially in high visibility places:

Contact Carolann Palm-Abramhoff at the South County Office or 941 888 0940 to arrange to pick up School Board Candidate signs or Biden signs ($10).

And you can join the county Phone Bank to get back those VBM ballots:

SCDP VBM Chase Phone Bank:

Vote Tripling– please commit to getting those in your circle to participate in our election process—word of mouth is powerful!  We know from years of academic research that the best way to make sure people vote is through social accountability. People who don’t vote tend to feel embarrassed about it. But they also assume that no one will ever know whether they voted or not, so who cares? But in fact, it’s publicly available information whether one voted or not—not whom they voted for, but whether they voted at all. And if people know that their friends, family, and neighbors are paying attention, they’re much, much more likely to vote. So lets encourage family, friends, and neighbors to vote.

Primary Greeter Tables on August 18, 2020, we will be manning tables at the Precinct 527 and 543 polls observing social distancing and other precautions to connect with voters.  Please use these links to sign up for a shift or two; an email with more detailed information will be sent to you:

Precinct 527 – Saving Grace Bible Church 2550 Indiana:

Precinct 545 – Englewood Sports Complex 1300 River Rd.:

Let’s make it happen so we have something to celebrate on August 18

Coming up after the August 18 election – a sample ballot for Nov. 3 will be available so you’ll know what offices are up for election and who is running.  Then multiple events to meet Candidates and lots of opportunities to Get Out The Vote, including my personal favorite, sign waving! 

Pam Nolan     Pct 527 Captain  206 579 5384

Muriel Glaim Pct 527 Captain  941 525 2588

Peter Imhoff  Pct 527 Captain  678 333 7455

Chris Kenealy Pct 545 Associate Captain 763 227-1023

Virtual Club Meeting

July 22, 2020 | 5:30 pm

Miss your friends at Elsie Quirk? The Englewood Democratic Club will be holding a Virtual Zoom Meeting on July 22 at 5:30! Here’s your chance to reconnect with fellow Democrats (without a mask!). Hear about the innovative ways the Club and Precincts are enthusiastically working to turn Florida Blue in November! Hear firsthand from Pioneer Days Chairperson, Chris Phelps, about preliminary plans for a Virtual Pioneer Days Celebration this fall.

Call 941-270-3441 or email for more information. Learn more about us at our website, or join our Facebook Group: Englewood FL Dems.

Hope to see you then!! Take care and stay safe.

Englewood Environment Town Hall

July 9, 2020 | 7:00 pm

The SCDP Precincts are co- hosting an Englewood Environment Town Hall with County Commissioner Dist 5 Candidate Alice White. Samantha Gentrup, founder and President of Hands Across the Water will moderate, with guest speaker Dr. Steven Suau, a professional engineer with over 35 years of experience in both the public and private sectors in southwest Florida, Mr. Suau has long been involved in innovative approaches and solutions to addressing water issues including nutrient management.

Come hear what we as voters can expect from our elected officials to guard against future Red Tides of disastrous proportions.

Click here to sign up (you will be sent an email with a link to the Zoom meeting) and submit your questions in advance:

Englewood Education Town Hall

June 11, 2020 | 7:00 pm

The Englewood Democratic Precincts (527, 543, 545) present a Town Hall meeting with Dan DeLeo, President of Sarasota Citizens for Better Schools on the Importance of the Board of Education in Sarasota County; Dr. Norine Hemping, Founder of Citizens for Quality Public Education (Collier County) on Staying Centered; how to ensure a fair and non-partisan Board of Education; and School Board Candidates Tom Edwards and David Graham.  We will hear from each of our panelists with a Q & A session to follow.

EDC President, David Jones, presents check to Helping Hand Board President, Mark Rennie.

A Helping Hand

May 14, 2020

Helping Hand Board President, Mark Rennie was given a donation of $500.00 from David Jones, President of the Englewood Democratic Club. The Englewood Democratic supports all the generous, and good works of Helping Hands and other community building organizations.  To donate to Helping Hand call (941) 474-5864 for more information.  Email:

EDC President, David Jones, presents check to Ruth Hill, Administrator of St. David’s Jubilee Center.

Community Outreach Contribution to St. David’s Jubilee Center

May 12, 2020

As one of its community outreach contributions, the Englewood Democratic Club made a donation of $500 to St. David’s Jubilee Center of Englewood. The Englewood Democratic Club president, David Jones, presented the check to Ruth Hill, Administrator of St. David’s Jubilee Center. The donation will help provide valuable assistance to Englewood area families, seniors, homeless and others who are on limited incomes. The Center is busy with amazing, dedicated volunteers who are helping load boxes of food and other supplies which have been generously donated for these pantry patrons. Thank you, St. David’s Jubilee Center of Englewood for making a real difference in the community and improving the quality of life for many.

Christine Kenealy delivering masks made by some of our wonderful volunteers!

Update on Mask-Making Project

April 8, 2020

On Tuesday Christine Kenealy delivered the first batch (more to come) of 30 face masks sewn by Englewood Democratic volunteers to the Englewood Fire Department. In addition, they delivered fifteen masks to a local assisted living facility. The group of Democratic mask-makers is careful to point out that these hand-made masks are not “medical quality,” and they come with an explanation about their limitations and how to use them. If you would like to join this effort, please contact Nancy Shoemaker, Those who can’t sew – can cut (or contribute) fabric, or wash and iron the masks for delivery.

Members are making homemade masks and donating them to local organizations, including the Englewood Area Fire Control District.

EDC Members Sewing Masks for Local Organizations

April 1, 2020

When the Englewood Democratic Club heard about nursing homes, hospices and hospitals asking for any kind of protective gear they decided recruit members of other clubs and do the work. Several people have joined in the mask-making, doing the washing, ironing, deliveries, research into needy organizations and care providers needing masks. The club is purchasing materials including 100% cotton fabric along with bias tape and grosgrain ribbon for straps. They already delivered a batch to the Englewood Area Fire Control District. They could still use some more volunteers and money and material donations. Contact Nancy Shoemaker at njshoemaker@comcast or Muriel Glaim at 941-525-2588.